Administration: Lesson Plan Access

  1. Link to and review any teacher's schedule or lesson plans to provide feedback or support. In case of unexpected teacher absence, your access to existing lesson plans is immediate.
  2. Comments to teachers can be provided daily or as often as necessary.
  3. Comments can be logged and saved.

Administration: Build Your Own Forms

  1. Three Types of Forms
    • Forms for classroom observations or teacher evaluations
    • Forms employees can fill out once per year.
    • Forms employees can fill out once.
  2. Customize by grade level.

  1. Create your own questions.

  1. Fill out the form.

  1. View summarized or individual data.

Administration: Time Away Requests

  1. Teachers and staff can request time off by hours, a day or range of days and indicate the reason for the request.

  1. Teachers and staff can review their requests and hour balances.

  1. A form is provided for administration approval of time-off requests. Supporting documents such as training certificates, etc., can be uploaded.

  1. Administration, teachers and staff can view currently-approved and pending time-off requests on a calendar.
  2. Use color coding on the calendar to indicate which team or grade level will have an absent teacher.

  1. View hour balances and track teachers' time-off request histories.
  2. Tracking data can be exported to an Excel file.

Administration: Student Incidents

  1. Administration, teachers and staff can document a student incident.
  2. Expanded details and recommendations can be added.

  1. Administration can document the actions taken or incident resolution.
  2. Comments about the incident can be public or remain internal. Privacy protection is embedded so that comments marked private will not appear on the report if saved to a PDF.

  1. Generate incident reports. Export either a single incident or a complete student incident history.

  1. Track and chart incidents by student, grade level, teacher or other demographic. Charts can be saved to an image file.